Just over two months ago, on April 27, Fermi and Swift triggered on an extraordinarily bright gamma-ray burst. There are an exceptionally complete set of observations of this burst from early times (i.e. the explosion) to late afterglow, from radio to TeV gamma-ray photons and high energy neutrinos. These are providing us with a remarkable opportunity to challenge standard GRB paradigms. More than 5 papers have been submitted on this burst, and more are coming, so this is a fresh and exciting topic. We'd like to take the opportunity to get together and discuss what has been seen and what it means.

We will be getting together at 3pm in CSS 2400 at 3-5pm on July 17 for a sequence of 7 talks covering Fermi, Swift, NuSTAR, RAPTOR, IceCube, HAWC, other afterglow observations and theory and context. We'll go out for happy hour somewhere locally afterwards.

You are all welcome and encouraged to come and join in.