"Accretion Astrophysics"

Date: Friday, February 17, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM (Lunch available beginning at 1 pm in the concourse area outside of Rm. 2400)
Location: Room 2400 Computer and Space Sciences Building, University of Maryland, College Park

  • Chris Reynolds -- Observational Overview of Accretion Disks Around Black Holes and Neutron Stars; Common Themes
  • Richard Mushotzky -- Disks and Jets, from Protostars to AGN
  • Roman Shcherbakov -- The Feeding Habits of Our Galactic Center
  • Jeremy Schnittman -- What Could We Learn About Disks from GEMS and Polarization?
  • Julian Krolik -- Issues in the Theory of Accretion Disks
  • Tamara Bogdanovic -- Disks Around Binaries: from the Newtonian to the General Relativistic Regimes
  • John Baker -- Effects of Accretion Disks on Spins and Eccentricities of Binaries, and Implications for Gravitational Waves
  • Manuel Tiglio -- Challenges in Incorporating Matter and Electromagnetic Fields Around Binary Black Holes in GR