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JSI Colloquium Series - Brian Morsony
Monday 23 March 2015, 16:00 - 17:00
Location Room 1136 Physical Sciences Complex, University of Maryland, College Park

"Simulations of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Jet-Powered Supernovae"

Speaker:  Brian Morsony (UMD)

Hydrodynamic simulations of GRB jets offer insights into how GRBs are created, how their observational properties come about, and how GRBs and supernova are connected.  I will present simulations of GRB jets and photospheric emission. By following the relativistic outflow well outside the star, we are able to produce prompt gamma-rays from thermal emission at the photosphere. With no fine-tuning, we are able to reproduce key observational correlations.  I will also present a series of jet simulations that produce a wide range of outcomes with only minor changes, from classical GRBs, through low-energy intermediate events, to ordinary supernovae.

Parking:  You may park in the Regents Drive Parking Garage located directly across from the Physical Sciences Complex.  Look for the green Pay Station Parking signs and park in any numbered lot.  Please use parking code  for this event.  This parking code is good for 03/23/15 only.

Refreshments will be available beginning at 3:30 pm. Talk begins at 4 pm.