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JSI Colloquium - Kendrick Smith
Monday 02 April 2018, 15:30 - 16:30
Contact Susan Lehr
Location Room 1136 Physical Sciences Complex

"Searching for Fast Radio Bursts and Pulsars with CHIME"

Speaker:  Kendrick Smith (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

CHIME is a new interferometric telescope at radio frequencies 400-800 MHz.  The mapping speed (or total statistical power) of CHIME is among the largest of any radio telescope in the world, and the technology powering CHIME could be used to build telescopes which are orders of magnitude more powerful. This breakthrough sensitivity has the power to revolutionize radio astronomy, but meeting the computational challenges will require breakthroughs on the algorithmic side.  I'll give a status update on CHIME, with an emphasis on new algorithms being developed to search for fast radio bursts (FRB's) and pulsars.  The CHIME FRB survey coming online in a few months should increase the number of known FRB's by orders of magnitude and help elucidate their origin. 

Parking:  You may park in the Regents Drive Parking Garage located directly across from the Physical Sciences Complex.  Look for the green Pay Station Parking signs and park in any numbered lot.  Please use parking code 883-89389 for this event.  This parking code is good for 04/02/18 only.

Coffee and cookies will be available beginning at 3:00 pm. Talk begins at 3:30 pm.