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JSI Colloquium Series - Julio Navarro
Monday 20 April 2015, 16:00 - 17:00
Location Room 1136 Physical Sciences Complex, University of Maryland, College Park

"Dwarf Galaxy Challenges to the Cosmological Paradigm"

Speaker:  Julio Navarro (University of Victoria)

 A number of observations of dwarf galaxies pose challenges to our understanding of the clustering of matter on small scales in the current ΛCDM paradigm. These include the scarcity of dwarf galaxies compared with the numerous low-mass halos expected in the current ΛCDM paradigm (the “missing satellites” problem); the inner mass profiles of cold dark matter halos compared with the rotation curves of dwarf galaxies (the “cusp vs core” problem); the highly anisotropic distribution of satellite galaxies around the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies (the “satellite alignment” problem); and the low halo masses inferred for the faintest dwarfs (the “too-big-to-fail” problem). I will discuss these challenges, as well as the puzzles and challenges that arise from them and from their possible resolution.

Parking:  You may park in the Regents Drive Parking Garage located directly across from the Physical Sciences Complex.  Look for the green Pay Station Parking signs and park in any numbered lot.  Please use parking code 883-24784 for this event.  This parking code is good for 04/20/15 only.


Refreshments will be available beginning at 3:30 pm.