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JSI Colloquium - Jonathan Zrake
Monday 26 March 2018, 15:30 - 16:30
Contact Susan Lehr
Location Room 1136 Physical Sciences Complex

"Relativistic Turbulence in Binary Neutron Star Mergers and AGN Jets"

Speaker:  Jonathan Zrake (Columbia University)

I will discuss relativistic turbulence in high energy astrophysics and present two recent advances in its theory and computation. First, I'll show that turbulence, driven during the merger of a binary neutron star (BNS) system, produces rapid dynamo action and ultra-strong magnetic fields in the merger remnant and may produce an X-ray transient detectable by Swift (/Integral/Fermi). I will discuss the implications for GW170817 and future multi-messenger BNS merger detections. Second, I will present new results regarding charged particle acceleration by jets in active galactic nuclei (AGN). By performing ab initio supercomputer simulations of relativistic plasma, we have found a new process that efficiently accelerates non-thermal particles. This mechanism accompanies the helical kink instability, which operates in the current-carrying spine of AGN jets, dissipating their electromagnetic power. This study reveals new evidence in favor of AGN jets as sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays.

Parking:  You may park in the Regents Drive Parking Garage located directly across from the Physical Sciences Complex.  Look for the green Pay Station Parking signs and park in any numbered lot.  Please use parking code 883-46322 for this event.  This parking code is good for 03/26/18 only.

Coffee and cookies will be available beginning at 3:00 pm. Talk begins at 3:30 pm.