In celebration of Prof. Richard Mushotzky's 65th birthday, the Joint Space Science Institute (JSI), the UMd Department of Astronomy, and NASA-Goddard are hosting a three day scientific; meeting. Topics covered will include black holes, active galactic nuclei, the high-energy astrophysics of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and cosmology. The meeting will conclude with a discussion of high-energy astrophysics missions and a strategic discussion of future missions.

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Len Cowie (Hawaii)
  • Chris Done (Durham, UK)
  • Andy Fabian (Cambridge, UK)
  • Michael Koss (Hawaii)
  • Michael Loewenstein (NASA/GSFC)
  • Michael McDonald (MIT)
  • Eric Miller (MIT)
  • Kirpal Nandra (MPE)
  • Andy Ptak (NASA/GSFC)
  • Norbert Schartel (ESA)
  • Tadayuki Takahashi (ISAS, Japan)
  • Yoshihiro Ueda (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Meg Urry (Yale)
  • Lisa Winter (Colorado)


Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • Keith Arnaud (NASA/GSFC)
  • Amy Barger (U-Wisconsin)
  • Michael Lowenstein (NASA/GSFC)
  • John Mulchaey (Carnegie Observatories; Chair of SOC)
  • Kirpal Nandra (MPE)
  • Chris Reynolds (U-Maryland)
  • Meg Urry (Yale)
  • Lisa Winter (U-Colorado)


For further information or be included in future announcements, please contact Susan Lehr (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).