The New Faces of Black Holes

November 11 - 13, 2019

Annapolis, Maryland

(See below on this page for list of posters)

Note: Invited talks are 25 minutes + 5 for questions/discussion. Contributed talks are 10 minutes + 5 for questions/discussion. Poster presenters each have 1 minute to pitch their poster.

Block schedule (pdf)

8:00-8:55 am Breakfast provided for meeting attendees

Monday morning talks - starting time 8:55 am

Ground-based Gravitational Wave Detectors and Signals

  • Evan Hall (MIT) - The next generation of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors   [invited]
  • Ben Farr (Oregon) - Ground-based gravitational wave astronomy: O3 and beyond   [invited]
  • Erez Michaely (Maryland) - Gravitational wave sources from wide binaries in the field
  • Alexander Rasskazov (Eotvos) - Merger rate of binary intermediate-mass black holes

Coffee and poster viewing

LISA and Black Hole Science

  • Emanuele Berti (JHU) - Gravitational-wave astronomy with LISA   [invited]
  • Laura Blecha (Florida) - Electromagnetic counterparts to LISA gravitational wave sources   [invited]
  • Giacomo Fragione (CIERA, Northwestern U.) - Revealing the many faces of the elusive intermediate-mass black hole family with gravitational wave and time domain missions
  • James Ira Thorpe (NASA/GSFC) - Realizing LISA: Lessons from LISA Pathfinder and GRACE-FO LRI

Lunch (on your own)

Monday afternoon talks - starting time 2:00 pm

Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

  • Michael Eracleous (Penn State) - Searching for binary supermassive black holes via optical spectroscopy and photometry   [invited]
  • Mark Avara (CCRG, RIT) - Pushing accreting supermassive black hole binaries beyond 30 orbits: 3D GRMHD multi-patch simulations
  • Jenna Cann (George Mason) - Precursors for LISA detections: The hunt for intermediate mass black holes in the JWST era
  • Tingting Liu (U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee) - Searching for gravitational wave-emitting supermassive black hole binaries in the time domain
  • Dan Wilkins (Stanford) - Venturing beyond the ISCO: Mapping the extreme environments around black holes

Coffee and poster viewing

Pulsar Timing Arrays

  • Dusty Madison (WVU) - Observational status and recent results from NANOGrav   [invited]
  • Caitlin Witt (WVU) - Multi-messenger gravitational wave searches with pulsar timing arrays: Application to 3C66B
  • Poster pitches

Reception and poster viewing Monday 5:00-7:00 pm

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast provided for meeting attendees

Tuesday morning talks - starting time 9:00 am

Tidal Disruption Events I

  • Nicholas Stone (Hebrew U.) - Tidal disruption events: Questionnaires in the cosmic SMBH census   [invited]
  • Sjoert van Velzen (NYU/Maryland) - Multi-wavelength observations of tidal disruption flares   [invited]
  • Chi-Ho Chan (Hebrew U.) - Tidal disruption events in active galactic nuclei
  • Nathaniel Roth (Maryland/JSI) - Using TDE detection rates to learn about galaxy properties

Coffee and poster viewing

TDEs II / AGN Variability I

  • Thomas Wevers (IoA, Cambridge) - Disk formation and reprocessing in the tidal disruption event AT2018fyk
  • Dheeraj Pasham (MIT) - Spins of supermassive black holes with X-ray observations of TDEs
  • Krista Lynne Smith (Stanford) - AGN variability: a modern and multiwavelength view   [invited]
  • Rebecca Phillipson (Drexel) - Diverse time variability of accreting systems revealed by novel techniques
  • Vivienne Baldassare (Yale) - AGN variability in low-mass galaxies with the Palomar Transient Factory

Lunch (on your own)

Tuesday afternoon talks - starting time 2:00 pm

AGN Variability II

  • Colin Burke (UIUC) - Variability-selected low-mass AGN candidates from the Dark Energy Survey
  • Bhupendra Mishra (JILA, CU Boulder) - Strongly magnetized accretion disks: structure and accretion from global magnetohydrodynamic simulations
  • Sara Frederick (Maryland) - A new class of changing-look LINERs
  • Ryan Pfeifle (George Mason) - Uncovering buried dual and triple AGNs in galaxy mergers
  • Kristina Nyland (NRC Fellow, NRL) - Variable radio AGN at high redshift identified in VLASS: New insights on galaxy evolution from the dynamic radio sky
  • Ilsang Yoon (NRAO) - Recoiling supermassive black hole: An origin of the changing-look AGN?

Coffee and poster viewing

Reverberation Mapping

  • Misty Bentz (Georgia State) - Reverberation mapping of AGN   [invited]
  • Jingyi Wang (MIT) - Reverberation and relativistic reflection in black hole transients with NICER
  • Eileen Meyer (UMBC) - VHE detection and kinematic monitoring of the radio galaxy 3C 264
  • Poster pitches

Banquet Tuesday 6:00-8:30 pm

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast provided for meeting attendees

Wednesday morning talks - starting time 9:00 am

Event Horizon Telescope I

  • Jason Dexter (CU Boulder) - Imaging black holes: Beyond the Shadow   [invited]
  • Lia Medeiros (IAS) - Testing the Kerr nature of black holes using the EHT   [invited]
  • Andrew Chael (PCTS, Princeton) - The black hole-jet connection in M87: linking simulations to VLBI images
  • Roman Gold (Goethe U. Frankfurt) - Implications and challenges of EHT data for theoretical modeling

Coffee and poster viewing

Event Horizon Telescope II

  • Michael Johnson (CfA) - Imaging the shadow of a supermassive black hole with the Event Horizon Telescope   [invited]
  • Vincent Fish (MIT Haystack) - The Event Horizon Telescope: Present and future   [invited]
  • Alex Lupsasca (Harvard Society of Fellows) - Universal interferometric signatures of a black hole's photon ring
  • Sam Gralla (Arizona) - Black hole shadows, photon rings, and the Event Horizon Telescope observations

Lunch (on your own)

Wednesday afternoon talks - starting time 2:00 pm

Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics

  • Frank Eisenhauer (MPE) - New faces of black holes uncovered with GRAVITY   [invited]
  • Aaron Barth (UC Irvine) - New progress in dynamical measurements of black hole mass   [invited]
  • Jonelle Walsh (Texas A&M) - Addressing a bias in the galaxies with dynamical black hole mass measurements
  • Peter Breiding (WVU) - Probing binary super massive black holes (SMBHs) with the VLBA

Workshop ends at 3:40 pm


  • Yu-Ching Chen (Illinois) - Supermassive binary black hole candidates discovered by optical variability from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Dark Energy Survey
  • Siva Darbha (UC Berkeley) - Ultra-deep tidal disruption events: Prompt self-intersections and observables
  • Dan Doan (Penn State) - UV spectra of three changing-look quasars and tests of scenarios for their transformations
  • Anushka Durg (Centre for Fundamental Research and Creative Education) - Charge fluctuations on non-rotating isolated and dynamical horizons
  • Markos Georganopoulos (UMBC) - Powerful blazar jets dissipate their kinetic power to radiation from a single location: the molecular torus
  • Hengxiao Guo (UIUC) - Understanding the changing-look sequence with the photoionization model
  • Erica Hammerstein (Maryland) - The host galaxies of ZTF year 1 tidal disruption events
  • Richard Conn Henry (JHU) - Black holes: the inside story
  • Alaa Ibrahim (American University in Cairo / GWU) - On the X-ray spectrum of the black hole candidate Swift J1753.5−0127
  • Tousif Islam (UMass Dartmouth) - Testing the "no-hair" nature of binary black holes using the consistency of multipolar gravitational radiation
  • Demosthenes Kazanas (NASA/GSFC) - Binary black hole growth by gas accretion in stellar clusters
  • Jeffrey Livas (NASA/GSFC) - Telescope technology developmenet for LISA
  • Michael Loewenstein (Maryland and NASA/GSFC) - The changing changing-look AGN 1ES 1927+654
  • Sergio Mundo (Maryland) - The origin of X-ray emission in the gamma-ray emitting narrow-line Seyfert 1 1H 0323+342
  • Ronny Nguyen (New Hampshire) - A study of matter outflows from a binary neutron star merger
  • Scott Noble (NASA/GSFC and U. of Tulsa) - Progress on simulating accreting supermassive binary black holes
  • Renuka Pechetti (Utah) - Density profiles of nuclear star clusters for a sample of 29 nearby galaxies
  • Karthik Reddy (UMBC) - Offsets between X-rays and radio: a step towards understanding the structure of extragalactic jets
  • Mohammad Sayeb (Florida) - Spinning supermassive black hole binary inspiral with precession
  • Jeremy Schnittman (NASA/GSFC) - LISA observations of eccentric LIGO sources
  • Gregory Walsh (WVU) - The search for supermassive black hole binaries in spheroidal post-merger galaxies
  • Charlotte Ward (Maryland) - A systematic search for recoiling black holes with the Zwicky Transient Facility
  • Kevin Whitley (Michigan) - Time-domain signatures of low-mass-ratio SMBH binaries
  • Maciek Wielgus (Black Hole Initiative) - Measuring accretion flow variability with the Event Horizon Telescope
  • Shu Zhang (Institute of High Energy Physics) - Insight-HXMT: observations and research progresses