Gezari, Suvi

Gezari, Suvi

  • Assistant Professor, UMD, Astronomy
  • 1160 Physical Sciences Complex
  • 301.405.6651
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    Suvi Gezari is an assistant professor at the Astronomy Department, where her research focus is on time domain astrophysics. She uses the Pan-STARRS1 (PS1) Survey at optical wavelengths and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) Time Domain Survey at ultraviolet wavelengths, together with follow-up space-based and ground-based observations from across the electromagnetic spectrum, to discover and characterize transients and study their physical properties. Her transients of interest include variable active galactic nuclei, core-collapse supernova explosions of massive stars, and flares from the tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes.

    Research Projects

    • Optical photometric selection and multi wavelength follow-up of tidal disruption event candidates in the Pan-STARRS1 survey.
    • UV and optical variability of active galactic nuclei from the GALEX Time Domain Survey and Pan-STARRS1.
    • Probing the progenitor stars of core-collapse supernovae from UV observations of shock breakout.

    Notable Publications

    • "An Ultraviolet-optical Flare from the Tidal Disruption of a Helium-rich Stellar Core.", Gezari, S. et al., Nature. 485, 217 (2012).
    • "GALEX and Pan-STARRS1 Discovery of SN IIP 2010aq:  The First Few Days After Shock Breakout in a Red Supergiant Star", Gezari, S. et al., ApJ, 720, L77 (2010).