Schnittman, Jeremy

Schnittman, Jeremy

  • Code 663, NASA/GSFC
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    I am interested in a wide variety of theoretical astrophysics, including but not limited to, general relativity, gravitational wave sources, black hole accretion, X-ray polarization, planetary dynamics, gravitational microlensing, and dark matter annihilation models.

    Research Projects

    • Modeling X-ray spectra from black hole accretion flows
    • Electromagnetic counterparts to binary black hole mergers
    • Dark matter annihilation around black holes
    • Resonant dynamics of planetary systems and analogs

    Notable Publications

    • "Electromagnetic Counterparts to Black Hole Mergers," J. D. Schnittman, CQG 28, 094021 (2011).
    • "X-ray Polarization from Accreting Black Holes: The Thermal State," J. D. Schnittman and J. H. Krolik, ApJ 701, 1175 (2009).
    • "The Infrared Afterglow of Supermassive Black Hole Mergers," J. D. Schnittman and J. H. Krolik, ApJ 684, 835 (2008).
    • "The Distribution of Recoil Velocities from Merging Black Holes," J. D. Schnittman and A. Buonanno, ApJ 662, L63 (2007).