Putting Accretion Theory to the Test

Annapolis, Maryland
November 4 - 6, 2013

Keynote Address

Session I:  Turbulence and Angular Momentum

Session II: Outflows and Jets

Session III:  Global Structure of Accretion Flows I

Session IV:  Transient and Impulsive Phenomena

 Session V:  Global Structure of Accretion Flows II

Session VI:  Wrap-Up


 The Structure of Magnetized Accreting Disks -- Yann Boehler, et al.

An XMM-Newton View of 3C 411 -- Allison Bostrom, et al.

Implications for Models of Coupled Disk-ADAF Flows from Specific Tests Against Observed Variability -- Hal Cambier and David M. Smith

Irradiation of an Accretion Disk by a Jet:  Implications for Spin Measurements of Black Holes -- Thomas Dauser, et al.

AGN Obscuration from Parsec Scale Winds and Accretion -- Anton Dorodnitsyn, et al.

Constraining MHD Disk-Winds with X-ray Absorbers in AGNs -- Keigo Fukumura, et al.

Lyman Edges in Supermassive Black Hole Binaries -- Aleksey Generozov and Zoltan Haiman

Propagating Fluctuations in a Global Accretion Disk Simultation -- J. Drew Hogg, et al.

Global MHD Simulation of Cataclysmic Vairable (CV) Accretion Disks -- Wenhua Ju and James M. Stone

Poynting-Robertson Battery and the Accretion Disk - Jet Connection in X-ray Binaries -- Demos Kazanas, et al.

Quasar Accretion-Disk Structure and Microlensing-Induced Changes of the Fe Kα Line -- Lukas Ledvina, et al.

Size Measurements of the Quasar X-ray Continuum Emission Region from Microlensing -- Chelsea MacLeod, et al.

Evidence for Large Temperature Fluctuations in Quasar Accretion Disks from Spectral Variability -- John J. Ruan, et al.

Spectral Hardening in Black Hole X-ray Binaries -- Greg Salvesen, et al.

Simulated X-ray Spectra from Stellar-mass Black Holes -- Jeremy Schnittman, et al.

Effects of Local Dissipation Profiles on Magnetized Accretion Disk Spectra -- Ted Tao and Omer Blaes

On the Nature of Correlated Optical and X-ray Variability of Black Hole Binaries -- Alexandra Veledina, et al.

Seeing to the Event Horizon Through Energy-resolved X-ray Reverberation -- Dan Wilkins