Pan, Yi

Pan, Yi

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, UMD, Physics
  • Room 4205C Physics Building
  • 301.405.6032
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    My research concerns gravitational-wave physics and the search of gravitational waves with laser interferometric detectors, such as LIGO and Virgo. In particular, I am interested in gravitational-waves emitted by the coalescence of binary black holes -- modeling their waveforms analytically, designing data analysis strategy for their observation and in interpreting astrophysical implications of the observational outcomes.

    Research Projects

    • Gravitational-wave source modeling: coalescence of compact binaries
    • Gravitational-wave searches with LIGO

    Notable Publications

    • Y. Pan, A. Buonanno, L. Buchman, T. Chu, L. Kidder, H. Pfeiffer, M. Scheel, "Effective-one-body waveforms calibrated to numerical relativity simulations: coalescence of non-precessing, spinning, equal-mass black holes", Phys. Rev. D 81, 084041 (2010).
    • A. Buonanno, Y. Pan, J. Baker, J. Centrella, B. Kelly, S. McWilliams, and J. van Meter, "Approaching faithful templates for non-spinning binary black holes using the effective-one-body approach", Phys. Rev. D 76, 104049 (2007).
    • Y. Pan, A. Buonanno, Y. Chen, and M. Vallisneri, "Physical template family for gravitational waves from precessing binaries of spinning compact objects: Application to single-spin binaries", Phys. Rev. D 69, 104017 (2004).